Conveyor Engineering

Conveyors are complex pieces of machinery and operate uniquely due to the flexible nature of the belt and relative remoteness of many components from any sort of controllable energy source or device. Accurate analysis of conveyor systems requires appropriate tools and a high level of experience with a range of conveyors.

E.J. O’Donovan & Associates has been built on the high level analysis of over 700 conveyors across a diverse range of applications, each holding its own challenges. A significant portion of these conveyors have been analysed using the Dynamic Analysis program BeltDYN, which was developed in-house in 1994. Since then the company has developed a broad range of experience and cross discipline knowledge, which has resulted in recognition as an industry leader in conveyor engineering.

Conveyor Engineering falls in to two main categories:

· Design, and

· Troubleshooting

Conveyor Design

Conveyor Troubleshooting

Transfer Design